Post Dreamism

Based on the recollection of dreams: the hidden symbols, lost meanings, life changing stories, and foretelling. Multiple dreams and ideas combined into one larger sized piece.

Mediums used: Ebony pencil on Watercolor paper.

Feminine Oils

A collection of paintings using female portraits combined with their respected inspiration.

Mediums used: Oil on canvas.

Lines Collide

A collection of smaller, detailed accounts. Inspiration from stories, songs, ideas and teachings.

Mediums used: Pen and Alcohol Marker on Bristol.

Stamped Out Prints

A series dedicated to the practice of working in the negative.

Mediums used: Linoleum and carving tools, inked.

Scratch the Surface

A series that takes inspiration from removing elements that are no longer needed.

Mediums used: Scratch board and carving tools.

Pastel Ruminate

A set of chapters focused on fast, simple sketches. Using quick ideas and symbols as an overall outline.

Mediums used: Pastel and Artboard.

Elegant Foil

A set of pieces that muse over simple yet magical themes.

Mediums used: Foil Engraving Board and engraving tools.

Enamel Pins

A new line based on popular characters in a physical button form.

Mediums used: Metal Pin