2020 Collection

Awaken the Flame

¿What are we listening to? (Shunya Mudra)

Allowing the Gaslight-Spider in!

A Witness to the Gift..

Allowing the Serpent-Hand Complete Control

Capricorn (Astrology Study)

Charting The Course

Division of Singularity





Flying Banjo Turtle

Mando Lizard

For they only Believe they are in Control

Mind Your Thoughts

Let me Apologize (DBCD)

Observe, For The surroundings Mold Us

Offering “Just One More” Piece..

Sagittarius (Astrology Study)

Remembering the Courage within

Sowing Dragon’s Teeth

Strummin’ Toad

The (ill)usions of Chaos

The Bait and Switch TV Monster

The Capture

The Centipedium (DBCD)

The Knight, in Green

The Red Scorpion

Thunderbolt (Vajra Mudra) with AntFlowers

Viola Note-Eater

Your Apathy (DBCD)