Post Dreamism

Combinations Vol. 41

Not wanting to forget this moment, I present a panoramic of my night: To my left is the See-Horse pouring a cup of Universal Ooze or the ‘Big Bang’.

In the distance, the Mount of Ancient Fathers can be witnessed as well as a view of Saturn from our home, Iapetus.

In front of me is the Hand-Leg Trio, fighting off 13 Pencil Wasps, who are trying to protect their home.

At my right is the Head-Gripped Warrior Queen, who holds a Golden Eyed Rose as a sign of peace.


Ebony pencil & watercolor pencil on watercolor paper.

Date: December 2015
Size: 20×30
Original: $2400—SOLD
11×17 Prints: $45

Original art by J.B. Mendez