2019 Collection

Hand-lers for the Juicy Moose

Let go and turn Around..

Decoding the Wave

Examining Survival Tactics

Flying Hand

Ride the Wave

Conquering the Serpent

The Countdown Ritual

The Tiger Elephant Uke

The Rook, in Yellow

Aquarius (Astrology Study)

Obsessed (DBCD)

Realize (DBCD)

The Green Lion

Green Hand Apple

Out of the Sky (DBCD)

Just Another Day (DBCD)

The Avocado Spider

Clergy Chameleon

The Way In (DBCD)

Butterfly Eyes

The Observer (DBCD)

Flower in the Dessert/ Returning to the Start (DBCD)

The Way Out (DBCD)

Cello Sloth

The ‘Hand-Legs’ Couple enjoying an Emerald Sunset

Wash (DBCD)

Running Blind (DBCD)

The Blue Bull

Falling off (What you Build)