2018 Collection

The Cathulhu-Uke


The Welcoming

Caduceus (her Spirit)

The Journey Together

A Slave to the Vice

Nudged (Parrot Attack)

Life in the Depths..

Allowing the Betrayal to take place..

Mrs. Tiburon loves to Fish (Petrified Part 6)

Don’t let the Serpents Flower fool you! (Petrified Part 5)

The Power of the Breath (Petrified Part 4)

Ant Jasmine

The Duality (Petrified Part 1)

FMiss Millepede, gone Fishin’ (Petrified Part 2)

The Mother, Mrs. Maple Syrup

Miss Claw, the Serpentine (Petrified Part 3)

The Mother, Mrs. Maple Syrup

The Son & his Partner, making Music!

Cactus Practice

The Father, fishing Hammerhead

Pisces (Astrology Study)

My St. Gina

The Pawn, in Orange

Her Travels..

The Trials of living in a Serpentine World

Lion Flower & the Cosmic Creation

Be Aware of her Blade!

Catching and Sharing Thoughts

One Feeds of the Other

Miss Deaths-Head Hawkmoth

The Dolphin & a Lemon Slice

Mesdames Owl Butterfly

A simple message within Chaos (Elephant & a Lollipop)

Mrs. Comet Moth

Doing the ‘Shadow Work

Arthropod Novel

When you learn to ride the Wave

Apple Owl & it’s Message..

The Singing Crane

Miss Bathtub and her Planet Collection

Tomahawk Hand & the Square Earth

Her Wasp Armor

The Singular Mission, is Division

Unicorn Horse Shoe

There’s always work to be done.

The Dyin’ Oak (Still Alive)

All is moving, so should you (the Chariot)

The Duality of my Animal Spirit

Change Nothing, Nothing Changes

The Inner Phoenix

Serpents & their CONtracts